Here at Absolute our Skin Therapists are Experts in Dermalogica. Beth has been with Absolute for 14 months and has reached Expert status within the time she has been with us.  She is fresh and uptodate with all the Dermalogica treatments and can help you achieve your skin care goals.  You will leave Absolute on a cloud after a treatment with her.

Hannah, was a Dermalogica Trainer based in Exeter for 9 years where she trained the whole of Devon and Cornwall.  Her knowledge of skin and Dermalogica is extensive and her treatments are just totally bliss!!

 Tracy, the owner of Absolute, has been trained in Dermalogica for over 14 years and absolutely owes her skin to Dermalogica!! Having always been told what lovely skin she has over the years and now reaching the BIG 50 she is thankful to Dermalogica for the advice and knowledge to help her achieve her skincare goals and younger looking skin. Her enthusiasm and love for Dermalogica is contagious!!

If you have never had a facial before then this will blow your mind away.!! Not only because of the skincare advice and fabulous skin you will leave the salon with but once you enter the relaxing treatment room where we will start with your consulation, we leave you to make yourself comfortable our heated beauty couch, straight away you will relax with the feel of the comforting heat.

The Treatment

Your skin will be super clean with a double cleanse in preparation for Your skin to be analysed using Dermalogica’s unique concept of Face Mapping skin Analysis which will give us an insight on how your skin is on the day (your skin will be different every day) this will also allow us to evaluate which products would be best for your skin to give you the best treatment experience. Continuing through your unique treatment experience we will exfoliate your skin to rejuvinate, energize and luminate your skin for visible reults, provide you with the ultimate relaxation with a face, neck and shoulder massage, Followed by highly concentrated serums and masques individually customised to your skin. This is then topped off with either a scalp, neck and shoulder, hand or foot massage to your preferance while the products can work their magic. Your skin is then completed with treatment products, moisturised and protected for the continued Dermalogica glow.

All in 60 minutes of bliss you will leave Absolute feeling pampered and with glowing skin!!

Why do you need a professional skin therapist? For the same reason doctor and dentist check-ups are necessary: for better health! Your skin is the largest living organ of your body, defending you from UV and pollution, eliminating toxins and oils and stopping you from losing water and shrivelling like a prune. So shouldn’t we dote as much attention upon our skin as we do our hair and nails (which are dead by the way!) Just 60 minutes once a month with your expertly trained professional skin therapist can take your skin from dull and lacklustre to glowing and dewy. What’s not to love!? And over and above seeing a transformation in your skin, it’s also some much needed “me time” in our hectic schedules. Go on, you won’t regret it.


Dermaplaning is one of the most sought after treatment for instant smoothness with the ability to remove fine vellus hair, dulling dehydrated skin cells and dry dead skin cells it is bound to leave your skin glowing. Our highly trained therapists use a small sanitized blade to lightly scrape the upper layers of the skin. Partnered with professional grade skin care products we can guarantee an instant result in your skin.

Pretty much anyone can have demaplaning so whether you have dry, sensitive, congested skin or concerned about ageing this treatment is for you.

We have two treatments to suit your requirements;

Basic Demaplaning includes a double cleanse, dermaplaning, serums and finishing off hydrating with a moisturiser.  £40

Luxury Dermaplaning is the ultimate experience comprising all of the basic treatment along with a relaxing massage and a intensive treatment masque. £55